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Accounts List

Permanently save all tweets for select accounts. Works with public and private accounts.

Export Tweets

Export all archived tweets.

Account-Specific Search

Quickly search all saved tweets.

Export Options

Export a tweet archive in plain text, spreadsheet, or raw JSON format.

View Tweet Details

View additional information about a tweet, with links to online content.

Easily save, search, export, and rediscover tweets on your iPhone with Tweet Keeper.

Start saving tweets permanently

Twitter only allows you to retrieve 3200 tweets. Start creating a permanent archive immediately so your tweets aren’t lost. Tweet Keeper retrieves the most recent 3200 tweets and then adds new tweets to the existing archive. Save your own tweets, and anyone else’s you find of interest, up to eight accounts total.

Account-specific search

Quickly search all stored tweets. Great for finding old posts wherever you are. Provides searching capability not available through Twitter.

Export tweets

Export an archive of tweets in plain text, spreadsheet, and raw JSON formats. Email, print, or open saved tweets in another app.

Rediscover tweets

Rediscover old tweets by viewing five random tweets from a user’s archive. It’s a fun way to experience tweets from the past.

Integrates with Twitter clients

Open any saved tweet in other supported iOS Twitter clients, such as the official Twitter app and Tweetbot.

Works with public and private accounts

Save tweets for any public account, not just your own. Also works for private (protected) accounts provided they are your own accounts or you are an approved follower.

Super easy to use

Optimized for saving, searching, and exporting tweets, Tweet Keeper is simple and uncluttered. Other Twitter functions are left to full-featured Twitter clients.

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